ISTP careers

ISTPs have varied interests and are lucky because they have the abilities to be good at many different things. However, they are happiest when given lots of autonomy and freedom from schedules and orders. They dream of careers without a boss to order them around or at least with a very flexible boss who gives them autonomy to do their own thing as long as they produce results.

What ISTPs want from a career

  • variety and freedom from routine
  • a flexible environment and boss, or no boss at all
  • working at a careful, steady pace
  • if under a boss, they need specific and realistic directions
  • some fun and spontaneity every once in a while
  • a chance to use their introverted thinking
  • work that is realistic, concrete, and practical, rather than theoretical and abstract
  • not being rushed into making decisions or finishing something
  • work that focuses on current issues – the here and now, rather than the future
  • not too much people contact
  • action and excitement are welcome
  • hands-on experience
  • a chance to utilize their strong memory to recall facts, details, and people

What ISTPs have to offer

  • excellent ability to apply logic and reason to their immense store of facts
  • usually very good at practical problem solving
  • like to try and learn new things
  • independent and determined
  • act as troubleshooters, rising to meet the needs of the occasion (immediate problems)
  • many ISTPs have a knack for physical skills (sports, operating machines and vehicles)
  • cool headed in crisis situations
  • often have an excellent memory for facts and details
  • may have a natural bent in technical areas

List of best ISTP careers

As ISTPs are one of the most diverse types, with many different abilities and talents, they can end up in many different careers. These can range from a dangerous extreme sport to a stationary position of a programmer, or even a career as an artist. Here are some career choice suggestions for ISTPs:
detective, electrician, engineer, athlete, video game designer, mathematician, computer technician, firefighter, career in extreme sports, stunt, astronaut, software developer, small entrepreneur, automotive technician, industrial engineer, biotechnology, mechanic, systems analyst, computer animator, sketch artist, data analyst, sports journalist, rescue team member, pilot

ISTP careers to avoid

ISTPs should avoid careers in regimented, structured environments and careers that don’t offer them autonomy and freedom. If they can’t have those two (which is often the case in this capitalist, corporate world), they’ll settle for just being left alone to do their work. ISTPs should also avoid careers that require lots of emoting and people contact. It’s not that they can’t do it, it’s that their best talents usually lie elsewhere. List of careers to avoid: banker, fashion designer, ceo, theater director, poet, English teacher or professor, art teacher, healer, stage manager, florist, art therapist, music journalist, personal assistant, priest or nun Please note that these career suggestions are only here to help you with options, not to limit you. ISTPs are not all the same and some might even enjoy a career that’s listed here as one to avoid. In the end you know what’s best for you according to your strengths and weaknesses.